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Paralegal & Private Investigator


We investigate, Detect, Protect and Respect.


Practice Areas


Bugging Detection

Scanning and detecting hidden listening devices. Bug sweeping to discover covert surveillance gadgets.


Finding People

Detection of missing, lost or hiding people. Loved ones, Relatives, Beneficiaries’ debtors and anyone who needs to be found.


Legal Letters

Letters Before Action, Debt collection letters, Money claims, consumer disputes.


Pothole Damage Claims.

We help in pursuing authorities for damage to vehicles caused by faulty roads and potholes..


Small Claims Court Help

When you need help and support to sue a supplier in the County Court, Impel Legal’s Paralegal is here to help.


Extended Warranty Scams

If you have purchased an extended warranty on an item thas has developed a fault, we are here to help you.

Integrated experience in Paralegal Services and Private Investigation.

Impel Legal offer two distinct yet complementary roles: paralegals and private investigators.

Paralegals working directly for you, acting on your behalf in matters of consumer protection.

Private investigators’, services including: Finding People, Due diligence, Private and Corporate investigations, Accident Investigations, TSCM Technical Surveillance Counter Measures, Counter Espionage Services, Drone Surveillance.

Private investigators north wales

Private Investigators North Wales

Finding People


Private Investigators to search for a missing person. Using modern state of the art search techniques, Impel Legal can help find people who have gone missing, run away, hiding, or could be beneficiary in a will.



It is very difficult today for a person to go missing unless they are truly homeless, living rough or off the grid. In those cases even a private investigator would need to put in a lot of hard work.



Impel Legal use intelligent data extraction with advanced search methods, enhanced by online social links, enabling our private investigators to significantly accelerate investigations.




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Paralegal Services and Private Investigations

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